About Us

Our Story

Fast Forward is a next-generation supply chain labour standards improvement programme that works for all suppliers and service providers, in all sectors, at all stages of their social compliance journey.

Developed together with apparel retailers in 2014 to address concerns of exploitative practices in UK fast fashion being undetected by existing social compliance audits.

Tested, piloted, developed and enhanced over the ensuing years, today, this collaborative programme is operated by an ever growing number of consumer goods brands and retailers and applies across their whole supply chain including manufacturing sites supplying goods for sale and not for resale, warehousing and service providers.

Fast Forward supports suppliers with the training, guidance and resources they need to improve.

The forensic audit process helps to uncover audit evasion and hidden exploitation including indicators of forced labour and assesses adherence to employment laws and across ethical labour standards requirements.

The cutting-edge audit methodology risk profiles your supply chain; supports responsible suppliers to demonstrate continuous improvement and recognises those suppliers who are considered leading.

If you are a brand interested in joining Fast Forward, find out more.

Scheme Objectives  

  1. Encourage suppliers to take ownership for improving and embedding labour standards
  2. Prevent exploitation of vulnerable workers
  3. Give workers access to remedy
  4. Improve openness and trust between brands, retailers and suppliers
  5. Facilitate a more level playing field amongst suppliers

Fast Forward is delivered by allianceHR – one of our pioneering, collaborative programmes driving systemic human rights improvements in global supply chains: