About Us

Fast Forward is a not-for-profit, next generation labour standards improvement programme operated by the not-for-profit Stronger Together. Fast Forward uniquely combines a proven forensic auditing methodology with a collaborative beyond audit programme to support suppliers and brands to continuously improve.

Our goal is an ethical UK supply base where workers enjoy safe and decent working conditions and businesses can operate on a level playing field.

Fast Forward was developed together with apparel retailers in 2014 to address concerns of worker exploitation being undetected by existing social compliance audits. Proven as an effective methodology to uncover exploitative practices, this collaborative programme is operated by an ever-growing number of brands and retailers in a range of UK sectors.

Fast Forward also supports suppliers committed to continuous improvement through the Supplier Engagement Programme which provides training, guidance, resources, and collaborative forums to strengthen their business.

Fast Forward recognises the important role we can play as a voluntary initiative in aiding businesses to prepare for upcoming legislation and to support both suppliers and buying companies to play their respective roles in building fair and sustainable supply chains. We have therefore undertaken a number of developments in the last two years to support this, and have further actions planned, as we seek to transition from an audit and improvement programme, to a truly collaborative sustainable supply chain programme. Read more here.

Fast Forward is a programme of the not-for-profit Stronger Together, alongside sister programmes the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) and Clearview.

Stronger Together’s vision is: