Brand Employee Induction


Welcome to the Fast Forward programme. In this Brand employee induction we will walk you through the programme, team, and the self-paced Core-Standards available for you to review at a time convenient to you. Please ensure you review each section noting any further questions you have which you can bring to the Fast Forward monthly Brand induction.

We encourage you to revisit your Dashboard on a regular basis which will always be kept up to date with latest legislation, training, newsletters, webinars, guidance and resources.

Brand Members main contact – Brand Integrity Manager: Silvia Bianco

In this video, we will help you familiarise yourself with your Dashboard contents.

  • Fast Forward team
  • Brand members
  • Approved audit bodies
  • General Regulations
  • Why transparency is important
  • Ethical Maturity Framework
  • Brand Collaboration | Lead/Shared Brands | Supplier List
  • Brand Support Programme
  • Events | Webinars
  • Minutes of Meetings 
  • SupplyShift and Audit Process Training 

Core Standards

There are 6 compulsory Core Standards and 1 optional. It is important for Member Brands to become familiar when supporting businesses to prepare for audit, remediate non-compliances and to continuously improve.

Work your way through each of the below Core Standards self-paced learning guidance at a time convenient to you, provided in video and written format. These will always be kept up to date so do refer back regularly as legislation is a consistently changing landscape. Don’t worry Fast Forward has you covered and will do all of this research and training for you! So do keep coming back to your Dashboard whenever you have a query or need a refresh.

It is important to note that Suppliers have access to the same content below, and Fast Forward provide a Supplier Training event once a month. This Supplier only event affords suppliers a safe place to ask questions and to review how the programme works and how to work their way through the the below Core Standards.

Please ensure when you are sharing content that Suppliers are signed into their SEP Dashboard and not screen sharing your Brand Dashboard which has hosts Brand only sensitive information.

The process

Pre-audit preparation

Key Partners

This information has been produced by the not-for-profit Fast Forward (Stronger2gether Ltd) for information only and is not exhaustive nor a substitute for legal advice. Fast Forward and its advisors exclude liability for any claim or loss alleged to have arisen from or in connection with use of the information included within.

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