Brand Support Programme

For Brands-by-Brands


In the September Steering Group 2022, we consulted Brands on the development of the Brand Support Programme. In breakout rooms, Brands provided input for the layout and content of the programme. Unique in that it is for Brands by Brands. An opportunity for Fast Forward Brands to become a community, the beacon of effective collaboration and demonstrate that the improvement of practices and conditions in the industry needs dialogue and mutual learning. The Brand Support Programme is a continuation of the Peer-to-Peer sessions and will replace them. 

Further input was then provided by each of you in the 121s, as the Foundation Member Assessment was an opportunity to share individual needs. As a result of these consultations, we’ve compiled a list of topics where Brands would appreciate more guidance and support on. These topics will be covered throughout the Brand Support Programme, starting with Supplier engagement and pre-audit. 

We look forward to seeing you at the fist Brand Support Programme session!


  • Supplier Engagement and pre-audit process 
  • Post-audit process (management systems needed to follow up on corrective actions, monitoring progress etc.)
  • Site visits (including techniques to identify unauthorised subcontracting, non/underpayment of wages etc.)  
  • Policy development (whistleblowing, responsible exit etc.)
  • Social dialogue / worker engagement
  • Purchasing practices / labour costing  

Session 1 – A Brands Guide to Practical Steps of visiting a factory and setting up a new supplier!

Host : River Island – Ethical Trade Manager, Adrian Stevenson

We look forward to seeing you at the first Brand Support Programme session!

Join Adrian as he walks through a Brands practical steps to when visiting a factory:

– What should you discuss?
– What checks should you make?
– What records to review?
– Why it is important to talk to workers in their own language

He will also share insights on what to do when the worst issues and/or illegal practices issues
are identified.

DATES: 17th January, Tuesday 11-12 or Monday 23rd, 2-3pm.

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