“The Fast Forward initiative replaces the industry standard audit for our UK supply base to aid identifying and remediating any forms of modern slavery”
Fast Forward Retailer


Becoming a Brand member

Fast Forward is a next-generation labour standards improvement programme, designed to support brands – wherever they’re at in their ethical trading journey – to build sustainable UK supply chains.

Membership is available to brands and retailers that have manufacturing, warehousing, goods not for resale and/or service provider supply chains in the UK.

How Fast Forward helps you

Inform sourcing decisions

Our systems enable you to monitor your own supply chain’s progress whilst gaining visibility of all suppliers in the scope of programme to inform sourcing decisions.

Demonstrate commitment

Brands joining commit to principles of transparency and continuous improvement in their own practices and those of their suppliers.

Collaborate with like-minded brands

A safe, non-competitive space to discuss common challenges, pool collective experience and share best practices to drive industry improvements.

Manage risk

Our proven, forensic methodology is effective at uncovering hidden worker exploitation, to help you prioritise your highest risk suppliers, whilst recognising those with leading practices.

A holistic package to drive long-term change

Alongside the effective audit process, our Supplier Engagement Programme provides your suppliers with all the tools, training and advice to embed ethical labour standards management into their business for good.

To apply for a Fast Forward Brand Membership, please enquire here.