“The Fast Forward initiative replaces the industry standard audit for our UK supply base to aid identifying and remediating any forms of modern slavery”
Fast Forward Retailer

Engaging with Fast Forward

1. Brand enquires: If you’re interested in joining the Fast Forward programme, contact us to arrange a discussion.
2. Brand joins: You’ll pay a membership fee to join and will sign appropriate agreements to facilitate sharing of audit reports.
3. Supplier onboarding: You’ll decide and confirm the scope of your supply chain to be included in the Fast Forward programme e.g. tier one and below, service providers, goods not for resale.
4. Confirmation of shared sites: You’ll be able to see which of your supplying sites are shared with other member brands, and which have previously attended Fast Forward training.
5. Brand training: Fast Forward brand training – a three-part webinar series.
6. Supplier training: You’ll invite your suppliers to attend Fast Forward supplier training – a full day workshop. We monitor supplier attendance at training and report this to you on a quarterly basis.
7. Suppliers access Fast Forward website: Following training, your suppliers are provided with access to the Fast Forward website where they can find a range of guidance, tools and resources to help embed Fast Forward requirements.
8. Baseline audits: You’ll appoint an audit body to deliver baseline audits for any of your sites which have not already had a Fast Forward audit. You can view shared audit reports for sites that have already been audited.
9. Remediation and re-audit/beyond audit: Brands agree to common principles of remediation which cover the guideline approach for:

  • Wholly exploitative businesses
  • Low capacity businesses willing to improve
  • Good businesses – i.e. enabling a reduction in audit burden as they become trusted suppliers

Depending on outcomes, follow-up audits may be arranged, which can be delivered by an independent auditor or by your own representative. Best performing sites can move beyond audit.

10. Ongoing collaboration: Brands regularly engage and collaborate through the Fast Forward Steering Group and working groups.