Fast Forward audits are only available to businesses supplying into the Fast Forward member brands.

Audit bodies interested in becoming Fast Forward approved should register their interest.

Fast Forward currently operates in the UK with plans to pilot in a number of other countries.  Please contact us to discuss your interest in piloting Fast Forward in other countries.

Fast Forward is a collaborative labour standards continuous improvement programme with a cutting edge audit methodology that uncovers evasion and hidden exploitation.  Further details on what makes Fast Forward different is included in our Guide for Brands and Retailers.

Fast Forward is managed by allianceHR. allianceHR delivers pioneering, collaborative programmes to drive systemic human rights improvements in global supply chains.

Fast Forward audits can only be commissioned by member Brands.  Once an audit has been commissioned, the audit body/auditor contacts the site to complete the Audit Scope and Business Details record for the purpose of agreeing the scope, arrangements and fee for the audit.

The Brand is the audit owner.  The Brand and supplier agree payment arrangements for the audit.

The brand receives all reports.  The audited site receives an Audit Summary Report and the Corrective Action Plan Report.  The Fast Forward scheme manager does not receive any audit reports.

The audit is conducted against the technical standards and control points which are aligned to UK legislation and international labour standards. These are detailed in the Fast Forward training with handouts for you to take away.

Suppliers may not use the Fast Forward logo in any way. The Fast Forward brand(s) you supply receive your audit report and will therefore know about your performance.

Please contact the audit company who has been commissioned to carry it out.

All employers should have their own client login for their HMRC online account whilst the external accountancy firm will have a separate accountants/agents’ login. We would recommend discussing this with your accountant to ensure that you have your client log-in details available for the audit.