Newsletter Issue 19 – October 2022 

Newsletter Issue 19 – October 2022 

Welcome to the October issue of the Fast Forward Newsletter. In this month’s issue:

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Webinar | Employment Rights – Learn key developments!
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UK legislation is a consistently evolving landscape. To help navigate you, join Hannah Newcomb the Co-CEO of Stronger Together who covers key updates on employment rights, including:

  • What does the mini-budget mean for employers/businesses? ***Please note this was recorded before a number of the mini-budget announcements were reversed by the new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt***
  • Employment status and self-employment 
  • Holiday for part-year workers 
  • Living Wage Foundation rates increase 
  • Cost of living and impact on workers 
  • UK immigration system – updates and risks 
  • Draft guidelines on missing wages 
  • Modern Slavery Bill amendment

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Fast Forward launches Brand
Ethical Maturity Framework – Re-cap from last month

Fast Forward has launched the ‘Foundation’ level of a new Brand Ethical Maturity Framework (EMF). The EMF has been developed to support Brand Members to demonstrate their engagement with the Fast Forward Programme and their continuous efforts and progress in improving labour conditions in their UK supply chains. The EMF supports Members’ wider efforts on responsible sourcing and human rights due diligence, and to future proof for potential new legal requirements​ such as mandatory human rights due diligence and, for apparel brands, the proposed Garment Trade Adjudicator.

The EMF process is intended to be supportive and constructive, helping Brands at different stages in their human rights programmes to make continuous improvement in meeting and exceeding industry best practice standards.


Living Wage Foundation announces new rates

The Living Wage Foundation has announced its new ‘Real Living Wage’ rates ahead of schedule in response to the increase in cost of living. These are voluntary industry benchmarks as opposed to the National Minimum Wage rates which are reviewed each April. To learn more ready here.

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

A key new development that could significantly affect employers is the tabled ‘Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, which could have a major impact on workers’ rights and businesses’ obligations as employers. The Bill mandates that employment laws derived from the EU are all subject to change or removal. This could potentially mean significant changes to things like working time, agency workers rights, parental leave rights etc. The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code requirements on these matters would continue to be in force, which most UK Brands adhere to through their own policies and through the Fast Forward programme. 

Recommendations for strengthening measures on victim support through the Modern Slavery Bill

The Queen’s Speech 2022 announced the introduction of a Modern Slavery Bill. Twenty-two organisations have put together five key recommendations to support the Bill in its stated aim to ‘strengthen the protection and support for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery’:

  1. Create an environment where all victims of modern slavery feel safe to report to authorities.
  2. Develop processes to ensure victims of modern slavery are identified in a timely manner
  3. Tailor response for child victims of modern slavery
  4. Support victims of modern slavery to access criminal and civil justice
  5. Empower victims of modern slavery to recover

Just Good Work

Just Good Work is a free, interactive mobile app giving jobseekers and workers from the UK or abroad critical information and advice on recruitment and employment. The Fast Forward audit requires businesses to display the Just Good Work poster.

Posters are available to download for free in nine languages from the Fast Forward website: Albanian, Bulgarian, English, Croatian, Gujarati, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian.


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