Newsletter Issue 32 – November 2023 

Issue 32 – November 2023

Welcome to the November issue of the Fast Forward Newsletter presenting the latest updates and insights from the UK and beyond! As always, we aim to provide content that keeps you informed and engaged with the ever-evolving industry landscape. This month’s clickable highlights:

Fast Forward News – Final events for 2023

Industry and Legislative News

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Final webinar for 2023! Neurodiversity Spotlight:
Strategies for Diversity Workplace Inclusion

In today’s business landscape, prioritising diversity and inclusion is vital for success. Join our webinar to discover proactive strategies for fostering a supportive environment that embraces individual differences. We’ll delve into accommodating diverse needs, with a spotlight on those related to neurodiversity, and equip your organisation to respond effectively to unique employee requirements.

Consider a scenario where a job applicant or employee discloses a neurodiversity and asks about provisions in place. What would your business say? 

Key topics:

  • Understanding the benefits of a neurodiverse workplace and building awareness.
  • Developing inclusive recruitment and onboarding processes.
  • Legal considerations and implementing reasonable accommodations.
  • Nurturing a culture of open communication and mutual support.
  • Practical insights that you can apply in your organisation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and tools to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and included. To register for the webinar on 28 November at 11am, please click here.

Supplier (SEP) Training Sessions

The Supplier Engagement Programme (SEP) training sessions are now available to book through your Dashboard. This presents a valuable opportunity for both brands and suppliers to enhance their skills and maximise the benefits of our programme.

During these 2.5-hour training sessions, your business can gain essential insights on how to effectively navigate your dedicated dashboard and self-paced Core Standards training modules, ensuring you remain well-informed about the latest standards and industry practices.
Our training sessions are open to both SEP subscribers and Brand members.

At the conclusion of each session, we offer dedicated breakout sessions for suppliers and brands separately. This provides a unique space for peer-to-peer discussions, allowing you to address questions, overcome challenges, and explore opportunities within your business and supply chain. To explore the full agenda of this training session, click here.


UK National Living Wage to increase
by almost 10% in April 2024

Table source: UK.GOV

The UK National Living Wage rate will increase to £11.44 and will be extended to 21 and 22-year-olds, from 1 April 2024. Fast Forward will be updating our direct labour costing guidance to reflect the updated rates and will inform brands and suppliers when this is available.

Right to Work Scheme Guidance Update

Updated guidance for employers has been published to reflect changes, regarding the High Court judgment in December 2022, which brought proceedings by the Independent Monitoring Authority (IMA) in relation to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) and following recent Home Office reforms to the EUSS. Points of note in this updated guidance include:

  • Removing the requirement for employers to verify a digital Certificate of Application (CoA) with the Home Office Employer Checking Service (ECS) when conducting a right to work online check involving an outstanding EU Settlement Scheme application made on or after 1 July 2021.
  • Removal of reference to Immigration Enforcement 28-day notices in respect of EEA citizens and their non-EEA family members, which are no longer in use.

Download updated guidance

The Employment Rights
(Amendment, Revocation and Transitional Provision) Regulations 2023 – Draft amendments published

The Government has published draft amendments to holiday pay, TUPE, and working time laws through a draft statutory instrument set to take effect on 1 January 2024. The key amendments include allowing rolled-up holiday pay (12.07% of pay) for part-year and irregular-hour workers, preserving EU case law for statutory annual leave carry-over, and defining ‘normal remuneration’ to include commission payments for holiday pay. Other changes involve extending regulation 13 on leave for family-related and sickness reasons, removing additional record-keeping requirements from the ECJ judgment, and enabling small businesses to consult employees directly during TUPE transfers.

The UK Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 has passed into law

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill has officially become law. Companies House anticipates a more active role in combating economic crime and safeguarding the integrity of the register.

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, along with counterparts in Scotland and Northern Ireland, will adhere to four new objectives. These include ensuring proper document delivery, maintaining accurate register information, preventing false impressions, and thwarting unlawful activities.

Some of the measures in the Act, such as identity verification, will not be introduced straight away as they may require system development and secondary legislation before being introduced. However, other measures are expected to commence early in 2024.

Read more about the new ACT and its objectives

UK Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2023/24
published by Government

Government has published the UK Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2023/24 from the Director of Labour Market Enforcement (DLME). The strategy covers 4 main themes: improving the radar picture, improving focus on effectiveness, better joined-up thinking, and better engagement and support with business and workers.

The strategy makes 12 recommendations including completing a gap analysis to identify where labour market enforcement bodies are able to deliver benefits that would have come through the creation of a Single Enforcement Body.

Download here

Call for evidence: Government launches review
of regulators

The government has launched a review of the 90 regulating bodies in the UK, including the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate.

The 12 week call for evidence will seek views of businesses, consumers and regulators to establish areas that are working well as well as where regulators could improve. It comes as part of the wider Smarter Regulation Programme, which aims to bring about more effective and less burdensome regulations across the economy.

Make your views known before the call for evidence closes on 7 January 2024.

Better Work Report 2023 finds desire for
greater flexibility and a shorter working week

A new study by Indeed as part of their Better Work Report 2023 found there is a strong desire for greater flexibility and a shorter working week and 65% of UK workers would be willing to take a pay cut for an improved job overall. The survey found that a four-day work week (28%), a better work-life balance (25%), and more flexible working opportunities (17%) were the most significant motivators for Brits to consider taking a pay cut.

Download the Better Work Report

Just Good Work

Just Good Work is a free, interactive mobile app giving jobseekers and workers from the UK or abroad critical information and advice on recruitment and employment. The Fast Forward audit requires businesses to display the Just Good Work poster.

Posters are available to download for free in nine languages from the Fast Forward website: Albanian, Bulgarian, English, Croatian, Gujarati, Polish, Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian.


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