Supplier | Audit and Improvement Process

Supplier Engagement Programme Welcome Pack contains further details and guidance

1. Supplier engagement programme


  • All businesses which are to be Fast Forward audited must first join the Supplier Engagement Programme (SEP)
  • Once you’ve signed up, you can book and attend Supplier Training (1 free place per year) where you’ll receive details of the audit documentation checklist and action plan.
  • Details of Supplier Training, Webinars and Supplier Forum are available to book here now.


  • Once you’re signed up to the SEP, the Brand will upload your details to SupplyShift 
  • The Brand will then send you the ‘FF Pre-audit Checklist’

2. Pre-audit planning


  • You’ll receive an email to confirm the ‘Pre-audit Checklist’ has been sent to you, and you can then log into SupplyShift. The first time you log in you’ll create your account.
  • Open and complete the ‘FF Pre-audit Checklist’ [Guidance Document & Training Video]


  • Brand reviews the ‘FF Pre-audit Checklist’ has been completed
  • Brand will then submit ‘FF Pre-audit Checklist” to the Audit Body and commission an audit

Audit Body  

  • Audit body reviews pre-audit supplier questionnaire, previous audit information, corrective actions, confirms scale of the audit, agrees need for interpreters and provides the business and/or the Brand(s) with financial quote and written contract (via email). 


  • Supplier/Brand confirms intention to proceed, pays agreed audit fee to Audit Body and signs contract. 
  • The commissioning Brand is the audit owner. The Brand and Supplier agree payment arrangements for the audit.

Audit Body  

  • Audit Body allocates date and auditor and sends Confirmation of Audit letter (via email)

3. Audit


  • Independent auditor carries out audit & sets corrective actions including if they’re for desktop or audit review. 
  • Submits audit on SupplyShift.


  • Suppliers and Brands can see the audit outcome grade (Under Review/Developing/Performing/Leading) & the Corrective Action Plan.
  • Brands can view the full report.

4. Post-audit and follow-ups


All audits from the 1st August, 2022 are conducted on SupplyShift. Previous audits will have been received by Complyer PDF.

  • Log-in to SupplyShift – You can review corrective actions on SupplyShift and add comments, documents, photos etc to evidence progress made [Guidance Document & Training Video]
  • In SupplyShift, you can use the dashboard to view corrective actions & filter by timeframe, section, question, compliance status, recommended timeframe and recommended verification method  [Training Video]


  • Brands will review evidence of improvements against corrective actions submitted on SupplyShift, and inform shared Member Brands of progress made.
  • Brand will commission a follow-up if required.  


  • Auditors will close off corrective actions on SupplyShift, either by desktop review or follow-up/full re-audit 

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