“There is no doubt that the Fast Forward audit went into far more detail, highlighting points that will help us become a leader in the field of ethical trading and manufacturing”
Fast Forward Supplier

What does Fast Forward mean for suppliers?

1. Supplier onboarding: Your Fast Forward customer will contact you if they are including you in their Fast Forward programme.
2. Supplier training: You’ll be invited by them to attend Fast Forward supplier training – a full day workshop. We monitor supplier attendance at training and report this back to the brands.
3. Suppliers access Fast Forward website: Following training, you will be able to log-in and access the Fast Forward website, where you can find a range of guidance, tools and resources to help embed Fast Forward requirements.
4. Baseline audits: The brand will appoint an audit body to deliver your audit. Audit reports will be shared with other member brands that you supply to.
5. Remediation and re-audit/beyond audit: Depending on outcomes, follow-up audits may be arranged, which may be delivered by an independent auditor or by a brand representative. You’ll be able to use the guidance and resources on the Fast Forward website to support you to embed improvements. Trusted, best performing sites may move beyond audit.