Why can’t a business commission an audit on themselves in Fast Forward? Why does a Member Brand have to commission the audit?

As the Fast Forward audit is known to be effective at uncovering sensitive or serious issues, it is critical that there is a nominated brand responsible for ensuring steps are taken to remediate any issues identified and collaborative with other shared customers to support the supplier on continuous improvement. As the Fast Forward audit is different to some other social compliance audit methodologies, it is also a requirement that Brands become Members before they can view pre-existing full audit reports and in order to commission Fast Forward audits. This ensures they have received appropriate induction and training, and have committed to the General Regulations of the programme.

Fast Forward recognises the important role we can play as a voluntary initiative in aiding both suppliers and buying companies to play their respective roles in building fair and sustainable supply chains, therefore we require that both brands and suppliers are part of the programme. We have undertaken a number of developments in the last two years to support this, and have further actions planned, as we seek to transition from an audit and improvement programme, to a truly collaborative sustainable supply chain programme. Read more.