This page collates useful information tools for workers on rights and entitlements when working in the UK, and where workers can go to access further support if needed.

Worker information

Get help in the UK

Working in the UK – Your rights!

A short animated video explaining your rights at work, and where and how to report issues in four sections: (1) Before work during recruitment; (2) Getting the correct pay; (3) Staying safe and well at work; (4) Key rights at work. This video is available in Bulgarian, Gujarati, Romanian and Ukrainian

Just Good Work – Free app

Just Good Work is a free interactive mobile app, giving job-seekers and workers critical information and advice for everything needed on the journey to work, from recruitment, to employment and life in a new destination, to moving on or returning home. Play the video below.

Employers may have posters informing workers of this app and Fast Forward Auditors will hand out helpful cards to workers when on site.


Know your legal rights and responsibilities and get access to local helplines and support through this anonymous and free app!

Or find out more on the Just Good Work website.

Get help in the UK

There are different organisations that can help you, which are mentioned throughout the Know Your Rights video in the Just Good Work app. Here are a few listed alphabetically.

ACAS Helpline

Acas can give you free advice on your rights at work in the UK, problems at work (including pay minimum wage, working conditions, and hours) and what you can do about it. Their website will help you find quick answers to your questions. If you have more complex questions, their helpline is free.

Phone: 0300 123 1100

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice works with a range of charities to give independent advice on a range of issues including work-related issues, or other of the many life issues you may encounter.

Phone: 0300 123 1100

Equality Advisory and Support Service

If you feel you are being discriminated against or harassed at work and you don’t feel comfortable reporting it to your employer, or you think your complaint hasn’t been dealt with properly, then contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service.

Phone: 0808 800 0082

Fashion Workers Advice Bureau Leicester (Fab-L)

If you work in the fashion, clothing or garment industry in Leicester and require free confidential advice and support in a range of areas including missing wages/non-payment, worker rights and employment law, forced labour, benefits and welfare advice, housing and living conditions, visit the website below for more information.

Phone: 0116 253 1053
WhatsApp number: 07935841920

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

If you or someone you know is being exploited at work, you can report this confidentially to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)

Phone: 0800 432 0804 (Confidential office hours)

Jobs Aware

If you think you have been tricked or misled during the recruitment process, contact Jobs Aware for advice. Temporary workers can contact Jobs Aware to report a grievance, such as if you have not been paid, or are being treated unfairly.


Modern Slavery Helpline

Are you being forced to work when you don’t want to? Do you have to pay someone money to give you
work? Are you being forced to live in accommodation against your will? Is someone controlling your identity documents or bank account? Is someone threatening or intimidating you or your family?

Phone: 08000 121 700 (Confidential 24/7)

Scotland Worker Support Centre

If you are working in Scotland, the Worker Support Centre offers help in all languages and can offer advice on debt, housing, immigration or employment rights.

Phone: 0800 0581 633 (all languages available)

Trade Unions

If you are interested in joining a Trade Union, or are a member and are having problems at work contact your trade union or association.


Work Rights Centre

A charity run by migrants for migrants. Their multilingual team of advisers can give free confidential advice on issues like non-payment, exploitation or discrimination. Available in Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.


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